Cambridge KEY/ KET Test Prep Course

The Cambridge KEY/ KET exam is for school-age learners at A2 level, ages 6-12.

The Cambridge KEY/ KET exam is for school-age learners at A2 level, ages 6-12.

Tired of directionless ESL (English as a second or foreign language) courses for non-native speakers? Don't want to be overcharged by a test center? This intensive Cambridge Key (KET) Test Prep Course is designed to equip your young learner with the skills and strategies needed to ace the KEY (KET) exam and achieve their language goals.

Please note: this course does NOT teach the meaning of vocabulary words or the content of the Key/ Ket exam. My 'Let's Go' course teaches students that content. This is SOLELY a test prep course.

Pre-requisite: Students must pass a Cambridge placement test demonstrating readiness for the KET exam before enrolling. I can administer Cambridge placement tests during a Trial Lesson to ensure that this course is a great fit for your student.

This course:

-Seamlessly integrates into school curricula, providing educators with a valuable tool for language development.

-Is part of a comprehensive suite of exam prep courses that I offer, providing a structured pathway for students to progress gradually in their English language proficiency.

- Offers comprehensive support for exam preparation, ensuring a stressfree and successful testing experience for students.

Why Choose This Course?

Expert Instruction: this test prep course is taught by an experienced Native English speaker, a teacher who is well-versed in the nuances of the KET exam, so you'll receive top-notch guidance every step of the way.

Proven Results: Join successful students who have excelled in their KET exam after completing this course. Your success is our priority!

Comprehensive Preparation: Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to cover all sections of the KET exam, utilizing the Cambridge Complete KEY 2020 edition with all 14 tests and audio. I will inform parents of their student's deficits and ways to remedy them.

Focused Practice: We will practice each unit together over two class periods and start each unit test during class time, using class time for the listening portion only. Students will complete their tests outside of class time for homework, self scoring their tests (parents can help!), and we will review parts of each test in the subsequent lesson.

Course Details:

Duration: 22 weeks of intensive learning, meeting twice a week. (Message Teacher Angela if you are interested in a 15 week course that meets 3 times per week.)

Group Setting: Students will practice alongside motivated peers in a supportive group environment.

Ideal Student: One who has taken Teacher Angela's Let's Go course or equivalent and so has mastered English CEFR A2 Level content and now needs to learn how to excel at taking the Cambridge exam to prove their English proficiency.

Don't let the KET exam stand between you and your aspirations! Enroll in our Cambridge Key Test Prep Course today and embark on your journey towards English fluency!

How KET Certification Can Benefit Your Young Learner:

Achieving an A2 Key for Schools qualification not only showcases a student's proficiency in English but also instills confidence to pursue higher-level English exams, such as B1 Preliminary for Schools (PET). While 'A2 Key for Schools' targets the same CEFR level as A2 Key, its content is specifically designed to cater to school-age learners (ages 6-12), ensuring relevance and engagement.

Obtaining this certification serves as a stepping stone towards academic pursuits, career advancement, and personal growth, opening doors to various opportunities in the global arena.

Achieving a Cambridge A2 Key for Schools qualification indicates that a student possesses the ability to:

-Comprehend and employ fundamental phrases and expressions in English.

-Understand straightforward written English.

-Introduce themselves and respond to basic inquiries about their personal information.

-Engage in basic-level interactions with English speakers.

-Use essential language skills for success in academic pursuits, professional endeavors, and daily communication, both domestically and internationally.