Oxford Classic Tales (5 Levels, Beginner to Intermediate. For learners of all ages, Adults and Children.)

For learners of all ages, Adults and Children. 5 Levels, Beginner to Intermediate

This class uses the acclaimed Oxford Classic Tales series to teach English the way we do in the U.S., through fun and engrossing stories! During each lesson you will learn new vocabulary, practice reading out loud, and do the engaging activities for each book. I also have Wordwall games for the Beginner level books :)

Introducing Oxford's Classic Tale series: Learn English Through Some of the World's Most Beloved Stories!

Unlock a world of captivating stories, rich cultural understanding, and language mastery with this engaging ESL course using the renowned Oxford Classic Tale series. Designed for students of all ages (yes, even adults love these books!), this unique program seamlessly combines the magic of classic literature with immersive language learning, making each lesson a fun and memorable adventure.

Why choose this Oxford Classic Tale course?

1. Explore Classic World Literature: Delve into timeless tales from different cultures and eras, ranging from beloved classics to lesser-known gems. Our carefully curated collection of stories sparks curiosity, fosters a love for reading, and expands cultural knowledge. Students, even beginners, get immersed into each story!

2. Multicultural Experience: Enjoy a multicultural journey as each book introduces you to diverse characters, settings, and traditions. Discover new perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of the world around us.

3. Vocabulary Enrichment: Enhance your vocabulary effortlessly! Each book features a comprehensive picture dictionary or glossary (for higher level books) that brings words to life. My dynamic teaching approach helps each student grasp new vocabulary, improve spelling, and painlessly master essential grammar concepts.

4. Interactive Reading and Discussion: As the student reads I will correct his or her pronunciation and actively engage them in discussions along the way. We'll dive into the stories, share insights, and develop language skills in a supportive and interactive environment.

5. Reinforcement through Activities: Students put their newfound knowledge into practice with our interactive activities at the end of each lesson. Strengthening their comprehension, vocabulary building, spelling, and critical thinking skills while having fun with wordwall games and other engaging exercises.

Embark on an unforgettable journey of language learning, cultural exploration, and literary discovery with the Oxford Classic Tale ESL Course. Whether you're a young learner or an adult seeking to expand your language skills, this program is tailored to meet your needs and ignite your passion for literature.

Join me today and unlock the magic of world literature while mastering English! Reserve your lesson and embark on an exciting language learning adventure!

Learning Objectives

During each lesson students will practice reading and demonstrate comprehension of the text

Key language skills such as vocabulary expansion, grammatical accuracy, and pronunciation.

Cultural Appreciation: This course fosters deep cross-cultural understanding.

Enhance reading comprehension and fluency.

Expand vocabulary through contextual learning.

Foster a lifelong love for reading in English.Perfecting pronunciation.