Oxford Discover (Multi-level Textbook series)

This course uses the acclaimed Oxford Discover textbook series to cover all parts of aspects of learning English- reading, speaking, listening, and writing. We will go through the interactive student workbooks at your child's own pace.

I always enjoy teaching with the acclaimed Oxford Discover textbook series and workbooks, because they provide a rich and structured curriculum to support your child's English learning journey while thoroughly covering all aspects of learning English. In this ongoing class, I prioritize a learner-centered approach, creating a positive, interactive, and fun environment where students actively engage in language acquisition. This means we will go through the Discover textbook at the students' own pace and I will customize the course with outside readings that appeal to the students' interests. This Oxford curriculum aligns with the Common Core English language learning goals, ensuring that your child's language skills progress systematically and effectively.

By itself the Discover Student book is engaging and great for encouraging active participation especially with listening, speaking, and reading (although we will also do additional outside reading). The student textbook is light however on practice for things like grammar and writing so in this course I also use Oxford Discover's accompanying "Grammar" and "Writing and Spelling" workbooks for their extensive form-based practice. Using grammar confidently requires practice so homework will be assigned out of those books.

Key Features:

Uses the Oxford Discover Textbook Series: which is widely recognized for its comprehensive content and engaging activities. The textbooks are carefully designed to cater to the diverse needs and learning styles of students, fostering their language skills across listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Multimodal Learning: I integrate a variety of teaching methods, including visual aids, audio recordings, videos, and interactive online resources to enhance comprehension and retention. Students really enjoy this course because the wide variety of topics covered which ensure that they always find something interesting. We also watch short videos, play Wordwall games, and listen to songs to reinforce what we're learning and aid discovery and comprehension on a deep level. Through these activities and our group discussions, students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Language Proficiency Development: this curriculum focuses on developing key language skills, such as vocabulary expansion, grammatical accuracy, and pronunciation improvement. I provide ample opportunities for students to practice and apply their English skills in real-life contexts, fostering their confidence and fluency. I emphasize language competencies related to reading comprehension, listening comprehension, oral communication, and written expression.

Regular Assessments and Progress Monitoring: To track your child's progress, I conduct regular assessments and progress monitoring, usually with Wordwall quiz games. Progress reports and individualized feedback can be provided upon request, enabling you to stay informed about your child's language development but I will always communicate with parents if there is an area for improvement.

I create a nurturing and stimulating learning environment where your child can thrive academically and develop a lifelong love for the English language. Join my ongoing ESL class and embark on an exciting journey of language exploration, growth, and cultural exchange!

Oxford lists their Discover series as being for students aged 7-16, however I am having success using it with students as young as 6. It all depends on the English level of the student. There are 6 levels in the Discover series and our first lesson together will be a placement lesson to find your child's appropriate level.

Learning Objectives"

During each lesson students will practice reading and demonstrate comprehension of the text

Key language skills such as vocabulary expansion, grammatical accuracy, and pronunciation.

Practice expressing their own original thoughts through through each topic's Big Question

Students exercise the crucial 4Cs: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.