Greek Myths (for learners of all ages, Adults and Children, adjustable level)

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the captivating realm of Greek Mythology? Join me for an unforgettable course that will unravel the secrets of ancient legends and introduce you to a world of fascinating stories, metaphors, and cultural connections.

🏛️ Enduring Stories: Immerse yourself in the tales of gods, goddesses, heroes, and mythical creatures that have captivated hearts and minds for centuries. Through carefully selected materials from renowned publishers such as Oxford Dominoes, Reading A-Z, and McGraw Hill (depending on the student's reading level) these timeless stories will come to life.

🌟 Unveiling Metaphors: As we explore the rich tapestry of Greek Mythology, you will uncover the origins of countless metaphors and phrases that permeate the English language. Unlocking the hidden meanings behind these expressions will not only enhance your linguistic skills but also deepen your understanding of literature and communication.

🌍 Cultural Connections: Greek Mythology is not just confined to dusty tomes of the past—it lives and breathes in our modern culture! From blockbuster movies to popular TV shows and artwork in renowned museums, these mythical tales have left an indelible mark on our society. By delving into the stories, we'll unravel the connections between ancient mythology and our modern world.

📚 Tailored Learning Experience: As your dedicated teacher, I will carefully curate materials that suit your language level and ensure an engaging learning experience. Whether you're just beginning your journey with English or seeking to expand your language skills, this course is designed to meet your needs and foster your growth.

💡 Learning Objectives:

- Enhance Reading Comprehension: Through captivating texts and guided discussions, we'll strengthen your ability to understand and analyze complex stories.

- Expand Vocabulary: Discover a treasure trove of new words and expressions as we encounter gods, monsters, and legendary heroes.

- Deepen Cultural Awareness: By exploring Greek Mythology, we'll gain insights into the ancient Greek worldview, values, and beliefs, fostering cross-cultural understanding, ideas that still influence western culture today!

- Improve Language Proficiency: From listening and speaking to reading and writing, you'll hone your language skills across all areas, gaining confidence and fluency.