Oxford Read and Imagine (Beginner to Intermediate)

Step into the enchanting world of the Oxford 'Read and Imagine' series with me, Teacher Angela! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey where the magic of storytelling and the joy of learning come alive.

These lessons, using the fun Oxford 'Read and Imagine' series start with learning new vocabulary using the picture dictionary, then reading the story, then doing the engaging activities included with each book and also playing Wordwall games.

📚 Engaging Stories: Picture this—captivating tales that transport your students to exciting and fantastical worlds. As the series progresses the stories become more adventurous, captivating students of all ages and backgrounds.

🤖 Hilarious Robot Companion: Enter Clunk, the lovable and hilarious robot who never fails to bring smiles and laughter to the classroom. My students absolutely adore Clunk's antics, finding him simply hilarious. Talking about Clunk and how silly he is adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to our lessons.

📚 Cultivating a Love for Reading: Together, we'll nurture a deep love for reading, creating lifelong learners who eagerly explore new worlds through books.

🌍 Multicultural Exploration: Let's embark on a journey of cultural discovery! Through the Oxford Read and Imagine series, we'll encounter diverse characters and settings, celebrating the richness and beauty of our world. This will help us develop empathy, cultural awareness, and an appreciation for different perspectives.

Let's unlock the power of storytelling, spark students' imaginations, and create a dynamic classroom where learning is an adventure. Join me as we embark on this incredible journey with the Oxford 'Read and Imagine' series. Together, we'll make learning a joyous and transformative experience for every student.

Get ready to witness the magic of Clunk, the joy of storytelling, and the wonders of imagination in our classroom. Enroll your student today and let the adventure begin!

Learning Objectives:

Develop Reading Fluency: Enhance reading skills, building confidence and fluency.

Expand Vocabulary: Through engaging narratives, we'll discover new words and expressions in context.

Master Grammar: By exploring language in context, we'll strengthen our grammar knowledge.

Unleash Creativity: The imaginative storytelling will inspire us to think outside the box.

Cultivate a Love for Reading: creating lifelong learners.