Reading Skills Club (All Ages, Adjusted for student's level, students can bring their own materials)

This fun and interactive ESL Reading Club is designed to provide long-term English language learning for students of all ages based on the way we teach English to native speakers in the USA, which is through stories and reading. Join me on a journey of language exploration through the captivating world of reading!

Welcome to one of my most popular ESL classes "Reading Club"! Sometimes my students have things they want to or need to read, such as materials for work or school or news articles. But most of the time we use my different ESL book series.

Every new book will start with learning the new vocabulary through a picture dictionary or glossary (depending on students' level). During this portion of class I'll teach the student about things like irregular verbs and silent letters in sight words. Then we will read the book together and I will correct students' pronunciation and teach them language tips, as needed. Sometimes I teach students as many as 20 different "tips" per lesson but because they're all within the context of an engaging story it doesn't feel like a lesson per sè and all the information is easily absorbed. Once we're done with the story we'll do some activities to check and reinforce reading comprehension, spelling, and grammar.

25 minutes is the perfect amount of time for these lessons for students of all ages.

Key Features:

Engaging Reading Materials: I utilize a curated collection of captivating books, (such as Oxford's Classic Tales, Read and Imagine, Read and Discover, and Dominoes series) selected based on the students' reading levels and diverse interests; including storybooks, novels, and non-fiction texts.

Comprehension and Vocabulary Building: Our lessons focus on developing reading comprehension skills, expanding vocabulary, perfecting pronunciation, and improving overall reading fluency.

Interactive Discussions: Through interactive discussions, students enhance their critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills, while also fostering creativity and imagination.

Fun and Collaborative Activities: I incorporate engaging activities into every lesson, such as the activities that Oxford provides, my own Wordwall games, and students' own original storytelling, to make reading enjoyable and interactive.

Individualized Support: As an experienced teachers I provide personalized attention, guiding students through their reading journey, offering feedback, and addressing individual learning styles and needs.

Join my Reading Club and unlock the doors to a world of imagination, knowledge, and language growth!

Learning Objectives:

Enhance reading comprehension and fluency.

Expand vocabulary through contextual learning.

Develop critical thinking, analysis skills, and creativity.

Foster a lifelong love for reading in English.

Perfecting pronunciation.